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What is the use of high temperature PVC hose?

High temperature pvc hose has the characteristics of pressure resistance, wear resistance, etc., high temperature pvc hose widely used, really become a big part of our lives, we live without water, naturally can not be separated from the delivery of water pvc hose.

The main purpose of pvc hose:

1. Mining, Agriculture and Water Resources, Civil Engineering, Food, Petroleum, Chemicals.

2.PVC hose adds anti-corrosion and radiation-resistant ingredients under the premise of high temperature resistance, so it can still work normally under bad environment.

3. Flexible PVC hose, easy to move, so it will not cause damage in a narrow space.

4. Wear-resistant, twist-resistant PVC hose.

5. High temperature resistant plastic hoses have a wide range of applications in irrigation, mining, oil depots, sand blasting, food, medicine and indoor gas, powder, dust emissions and absorption in other areas.



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