Goldsione Group., set of development, production and sale of pvc garden hose and pvc spray hose.

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Do you want to find a manufacture who can supply you good quality hose with cheap price?
OK. Here our company is your right choice! Goldsione Group Ltd is specialized in making PVC hoses. We have several types of PVC hose to choose from.
Mainly here we recommend two kinds hose to you-PVC Garden Hose and PVC Spray Hose. These two hoses are hot sell in the word market. Both of them have good prospects in the market.
Our PVC Garden Hose is much more flexible, beautiful, anti-kink, and can be better suit to your work in your daily life. Many kinds of hoses can be selected in our product list.
While our PVC Spray Hose has good performance in high pressure. Wear resistant, well suit to your pneumatic tools. High technology was used in manufacture, so it is an important part in industry area and agriculture use.
As other PVC hose products, welcome to go to for more information.
Happy shopping on our website to you!
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