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TPE Expandable Garden Hose

TPE Expandable Garden Hose

Product name: TPE Expandable Garden Hose
Brand : GOLDSIONE-goldflex
Materials: PVC
Product origin : Shandong, China(Mainland)
Product Details


  • Product name: TPE expandable garden hose
  • Specifications: inner and outer diameter (12.5x17mm)
  • Connector matching: American copper connector, European plastic connector
  • Packaging: Color box packaging, some are packed in outer cartons
  • Working pressure: 4 Bar



Unlocking an innovative design, the hose proudly boasts the ability to replace U.S. patents, setting it apart in the market.

  • Crafted with utmost care, all materials utilized are environmentally friendly. The outer layer, made from TPE, and the inner layer, composed of PE, are both derived from eco-friendly food-grade materials. These materials ensure there is no degradation or precipitation, while the hose exhibits robust UV resistance, enhancing its durability and sustainability.
  • With a remarkable threefold telescopic expansion, this garden hose adapts effortlessly to varying lengths, providing convenience and versatility in use.
  • The hose stands out with a working pressure that exceeds cloth-covered telescopic pipes by 0.5 Bar, ensuring reliable functionality and performance even in challenging conditions.


Connector Matching:

American copper connector

TPE Expandable Garden Hose


European plastic connector

TPE Expandable Garden Hose



The product is elegantly presented in vibrant color box packaging, while some units are thoughtfully enclosed in protective outer cartons.


TPE Expandable Garden Hose

Our Services/Terms Details:

1. 20cm of the sample is free. Just the freight charge will be collected by your side.
2. We can serve with you a professional OEM packing service. We can make the specification you need.
3. Paying Terms: by irrevocable letter of credit, or TT 30% payment in advance, 70% upon product completion.



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