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What is a flexible PVC garden hose?

Flexible PVC garden hose refers to PVC hose manufactured by PVC fiber soft hose machine. It is made of high quality raw material pvc resin from the performance of flexible PVC garden hose. Our flexible PVC garden hose adopts the latest type. Reinforced materials improve the flexibility and wear resistance of the garden hose. We use mechanical fibers to reinforce the tube so that it does not harden during cold winters.
Flexible PVC garden hose has abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, freeze resistance, radiation resistance and corrosion resistance. Make it available in almost any bad environment. The outer layer of the flexible PVC garden hose is smooth and free of bubbles. The reinforced garden hose has good corrosion resistance. Therefore, when it comes to solutions or raw materials with low acid and alkali concentrations, the fittings will not be affected. damage. The most important feature of the hose is its flexibility and it is not easy to be deteriorated. Therefore, under such circumstances, the service life of the enhanced garden hose will be very long. Goldsione Ltd is an expert in the PVC hose industry.
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