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What are the classification of hoses? What are their characteristics and uses?

Why pvc hose is called pvc hose, because the main raw material for producing pvc hose is pvc resin.
There are many classifications of pvc hose. The following is the classification and use of pvc hose.
Pvc garden hose is mainly used to transport water, can water the garden, home cleaning.
Pvc lay flat hose is divided into plastic pvc lay flat hose and fire lay flat hose, mainly used to transport water, can be used to transport industrial wastewater, crop irrigation.
Pvc suction hose is mainly used to transport industrial water, dust particles, oil, gas.
Pvc air hose is widely used in pneumatic tools, gas flushing devices, compressor engine accessories.
PVC fiber soft hose is used for water and gas in agriculture, shipbuilding and various home uses.
PVC steel wire hose is used to suck and discharge water, oil and various powders.
Pvc transparent soft hose can be used in factories, agriculture, shipbuilding, construction industry and home use.
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