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What harm does the cheap pvc garden hose have to the human body?

Although generally cheap PVC garden hose is also processed by PVC material, but the service life, appearance, odor, compressive strength, tensile strength, working pressure and other high-quality
PVC garden hose is significantly different.
To distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of pvc garden hose, the first is the odor, the first to smell its smell, this odor has a great harm to the human body, smelling more can lead to dizziness and nausea, but also have a great impact on the workers who produce pvc garden hose. ,
Pvc garden hose is very poor compressive effect, pvc garden hose easy to fold, some sub-tubes feel very soft in winter, is pvc garden hose production when added cold plasticizers, plasticizers are phthalates, It is a chronic poison to the human body, and it is likely to cause a decrease in renal function, a decrease in blood red blood cells, and cancer.
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