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The recent impact of oil prices – pressure hose prices

1. Compared to the recent trend of continuous correction of the stock index, the trend of heavyweight Sinopec can be described as the opposite with the stock index. Yesterday, Sinopec’s share price rose 6.71%, intraday trading limit, the stock hit a recent high, turnover of 1.9 billion, nearly three years high;
2. Ethylene production of PVC is the main raw material of ethylene and chlorine, the production of 1 ton of PVC need to consume about 0.5 tons of ethylene and 0.65 tons of chlorine. At present, the domestic ethylene production of PVC has two ways, one is the oil as raw material, after naphtha, ethylene, dichloroethane (EDC) and vinyl chloride (VCM) and other intermediate products, and finally polymerized into PVC, Import EDC or VCM monomer, and then polymerize into PVC. So the international crude oil prices and imports of EDC or VCM monomer prices on the PVC price movements have a greater impact.
3. Affected by the price of oil, PVC raw material was up, followed by the pressure hose prices;



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