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The points to note in choosing PVC garden hose

PVC garden hose is one of the most used pipes in our family, so when we choose PVC garden hose, we want to buy good quality, high performance, so when we buy PVC garden hose, what should we pay attention to? Let’s take a look.
1. Health
The water drained from the tap water is related to the health of everyone. If long-term use of poor quality hose, its internal will produce countless bacteria, scale, etc., polluted the quality of tap water, once received by people, the consequences can not be imagined.
2. Reliability
At present, there are many specifications for pipes, and their performance is quite different. The high temperature resistance of plastic pipes limits its application, and the temperature of work is usually not more than 70 degrees. Therefore, when we purchase, we must think more about its various indicators.
Above is to introduce the selection of PVC garden hose should pay attention to the aspects, our product quality is reliable, reasonable price, I believe you can buy what you need here.
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