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3 ways to maintain PVC garden hose

1. Need to be cleaned regularly once, in the cleaning time is recommended to use warm water for cleaning, do not use overheated or overcooled water, otherwise the hose of the vacuum cleaner has a certain impact. After cleaning the PVC hose, you can’t install it right away. You should put it in a ventilated place after cleaning, wait until it’s completely dry, and then install it.
2, regularly check the ventilation and leakage. The reason why there will be no vacuum phenomenon is also due to the blockage of the vent, so often check the vent situation, PVC hose if there is blockage phenomenon, to puncture in time to ensure normal use.
3. Cut off the power supply when you don’t use the vacuum cleaner. If the power supply is turned on, there may be some potential safety hazards and some damage to the vacuum cleaner itself.



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