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How to save pvc hose will increase the service life?

The first thing to note is that ambient temperature, atmospheric conditions, and external contact with the material are critical to the preservation of the pvc tube.
Secondly, different media are transported, and the damage and corrosion to pvc hoses are also great. The degree of acidity and alkalinity of solids, liquids, gases, and mixtures of the three determine the degree of damage to pvc hoses and the time of use.
Third, the delivery method: pressurized discharge, vacuum absorption, gravity downflow, including the flow rate, the flow medium is a solid liquid. The degree of damage to pvc hoses is not the same.
Fourth, the working conditions, the pressure and temperature of the conveyed material, and the frequency of use will have a certain impact on the service life of the pvc tube.
Therefore, when storing pvc tubes, pvc tubes of the same material should be stored together as much as possible, and the storage time should be as short as possible. Follow the “first in, first out” principle, preferably between 0-35 degrees, and 15 degrees is the most suitable temperature.



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