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PVC garden hose resistant to hydrostatic pressure and burst pressure test

Pvc garden water hose pressure before the use of factory pvc garden water hose pressure and burst pressure test is to ensure product quality and the normal use of the necessary testing content. Its specific means of detection and matters are as follows. The same time as the above-
In the sample sample sampling 3m as a sample, the sample connected with the pvc garden water hose source and plug the end, at room temperature to the sample pvc garden water hose, exhaust air after the pressure to the sample rupture, leakage or yield reaction When the moment the maximum pressure, that is, burst pressure. If the connection is broken at the time of the test, the test shall be carried out again.
In the sample sample, the 3M was taken as a sample, the pvc garden water hose source was connected and blocked, and the pvc garden water hose was injected into the pvc garden water hose sample at room temperature. After exhausting the air, the pressure was pressurized to 0.3 MPa and maintained at 1H. During the test whether the rupture, leakage phenomenon, the test if the connection appears to be damaged, should be re-sampling for testing. The same time as the above-
Inside and outside the wall smooth, no obvious scratches, no accumulation of groups of crystal points, impurities is the ideal appearance of pvc garden water hose quality testing standards, which can be debugged and controlled matters in consumption should pay attention



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