Goldsione Group., set of development, production and sale of pvc garden hose and pvc spray hose.

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Colorful UV resistant PVC Garden Hose

Colorful UV resistant PVC Garden Hose using the latest pvc material with polyester reinforcement and the latest summer recipe,anti- UV in the sun, thermostability and RAD-Hard.
Being widely used for irrigation and washing in the park, community, factory in the hot weather.
1. Useing high quality PVC raw material with high strength polyester fiber strengthen in the inner layer
2. Highest pressure 24bar
3.Weather resistant cover ,UV resistant and thermostability
4.Matching adaptor or copper joints that can link to waterhead,also can mating plastic spray gun etc.

5All Weather garden hose

Premium all-purpose garden hose with many features make this hose adapt to all weather without impact of atmospheric temperature. Beautiful green/blue color blends well with exterior environment, is the best auxiliary product in the household and parks irrigation.
Medium-duty for general lawn and garden use, Used for irrigation and washing in the park, community, factory
1. stays flexible year round,
2. Unique clear cover over nylon-reinforced close knit
3. Excellent burst resistance, highest pressure 24bar
4.Matching brass couplings or plastic spray gun,Simple operation, long lasting,light weight and anti-high pressure.



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