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How to extend the life of the pvcc water garden hoses?

Pvc garden water hoses is the usual tool we will inevitably use, a long time, the pvc garden water hoses is easy to wear, affecting the use. Pvc garden water hoses is the first to break the place, often part of the fold line, which is mainly due to pvc garden water hoses belt folding contact area is small, the reason for wear and tear. We just fold the new suture of the pvc garden water hoses strip straight, and then through the pvc garden water hoses, so that the pvc garden water hoses with a little hardness, it is conducive to folding the new suture, each pvc garden water hoses-saving two at the same time a roll, one hand from any An end point began to fold the suture, another person with the subsequent, according to the new fold line roll volume roll after drying, the new fold line can be fixed. According to this method, any type of pvc garden water hoses, can greatly extend the service life.
There is usually maintenance, pvc garden water hoses to have someone responsible for the management, all pvc garden water hoses should be classified according to quality, numbered in order to grasp the use of pvc garden water hoses. Pvc garden water hoses can not be long-term outdoor sun and rain, can not be placed near the heat source, to prevent aging, to avoid corrosive and sticky material pollution, storage location, should have the appropriate temperature and good ventilation.



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