Goldsione Group., set of development, production and sale of pvc garden hose and pvc spray hose.

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Congratulations to Eric for his excellent staff in 2018

Annual summary and commendation of the General Assembly held a grand, summed up the achievements made in recognition of the 2016 year for the company to make outstanding contributions to the “outstanding staff” on behalf of. The venue is full of festive atmosphere, filled with hot into the passion,
3:30 pm, will be in the group leaders and the staff of the warm applause opened.
General manager of the company for the safety accident last year made a summary of the report, I hope you alarm bell
Finally, this year’s work put forward a number of rationalization proposals, including production management, security work, performance appraisal and so on.
2017 company outstanding staff award, in recognition of the annual posts in the outstanding contributions of the staff
work. Eric was elected as “excellent employee of the year”



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