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What is the difference between a silica gel tube and a PVC hose?

Silica gel hose
Smooth, soft, seamless surface ensures good sealing performance.
It can be sterilized or sterilized by gamma rays.
Good anti chemical properties,
The working temperature is -70 C to 200 c
The price is more expensive.

PVC hose, a common plastic, is commonly used in all kinds of pipes, artificial leather and transparent sandals.
It is the largest amount of plastic in the building. The density of rigid PVC is 1.38 ~ 1.43g/cm3,
High mechanical strength and good chemical stability.
The temperature range is generally between -15 and +55 degrees. It is suitable for making plastic doors and windows, sewer pipes, etc.

PVC breaks down after heating, producing HCl and other chloride compounds.
PVC garden hose



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