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Proper use of gas hose

Used as gas source gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, bio gas, etc. are flammable and explosive gases, in use, such as leakage, prone to fire and explosion. Everyone should pay attention to the following points: 1, the use of stoves, it is necessary to care at any time, not from others, to prevent the middle of the flame extinguished, leakage of fire explosion. 2, when the ignition, you must follow the first ignition, after the valve bleed the program. 3, often check the stove and the pipeline for leaks, hoses with or without aging, found that leakage should be immediately disabled, open doors and windows, not allowed to fire and electrical switches, while reporting the gas sector. 4, do not secretly chaos, extension, demolition control valve and pipeline. 5, gas stove around the storage of flammable and explosive materials is strictly prohibited. 6, do not press the weight on the gas pipe. 7, liquefied gas cylinders to prohibit the collision beating, is strictly prohibited with roasted and other methods of liquefied gas tank heating. 8, the gas pipeline should not be concealed, and shall not pass through the bedroom, bathroom or basement and other parts, such as must pass through, should be installed casing. 9, gas stove is strictly prohibited to install in the basement or living room. 10, bio gas stove when the ignition should be careful, if found negative pressure can not ignite, to prevent the fire to the bio gas explosion.  



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