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Why do some Anti-kink PVC garden hose have high prices, some prices are low, and where are the quality gaps?

Anti-kink PVC garden hose smells like gasoline kerosene because it adds a cheap volatile plasticizer called Solvent Oil and No.2 Oil, an extract of various waste plastics containing various heavy metals and harmful substances. ;
This irritating smell can be detected at low concentrations; over a long period of time, low concentration exposure can cause headache, dizziness, fatigue, sensory impairment, decreased immunity, and may lead to drowsiness, memory loss or neurasthenia, mental depression; chronic poisoning can also cause great damage to the respiratory system; long-term exposure can lead to respiratory failure. Dysfunction and liver poisoning; liver cell damage, abnormal liver radiation ability; long-term exposure to this harmful substance of plants, will also appear rotten roots, yellow leaves, defoliation, individual bud wilt and other phenomena;



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