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water hose use should pay attention to the five issues

PVC water hoses and PVC water hoses in our lives and work will be in contact, like agricultural PVC water hoses, fire hose and coated PVC water hoses are all common types of PVC water hoses, especially the use of agricultural PVC water hoses is more common, and today we look at Some of the precautions in the use of PVC water hoses.
PVC water hoses is used in the time of a sudden tortuous, free to drag the ground; the second is not to make oil and chemical substances contaminated to the PVC water hoses; Third, the laying of the road through the road should be pad on the PVC water hoses bridge; four is to prevent contact with the flame Radiant heat, in particular, do not contact with high temperature; five is suspended in winter when the PVC water hoses supply in time to wash, dry, to prevent freezing.



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