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Outstanding advantages of PVC plastic garden hose

[High heat resistance] High temperature fluid withstanding heat up to 150 C. It can be used for inner cleaning of food hose and ground cleaning (with conditions)
It also maintains good flexibility at extremely low temperatures and can be used as piping hose for filling and transportation.
Reduced Joint Decomposition Cleaning Operations With a variety of special joints, can reduce the decomposition of food hose piping cleaning operations, is suitable for filling operations piping hose
* joints that do not accumulate easily.
[in accordance with the law] in full compliance with the “Food and Health Law” (Provincial Circular No. 595, 1951, Provincial Circular No. 52) and FDA specifications, safe to use
Special reinforcement structure, anti-crack structure, unique reinforcement structure, to prevent the joint edge of the wire breakage, improve reliability
Tasteless or odorless There is no odor or dissolution that interferes with the fluid and can be safely used in food and beverages.
* can be used as a hose for food and beverage.
[easy to confirm fluid] hose is transparent, can confirm the fluid, use very reassuring.

PVC plastic garden hose



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