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Method for determination of PVC plastic hoses

Determination of pvc plastic hoses
Minimum length of specimen hose, excluding end pipe connections. It should be 5 times the nominal diameter of the hose, or the length of 1 m. If the length of the two is the same, if the length is less than 1m, then complete the root hose or hose assembly.
Test procedure
A method
Place the PVC hose as flat as possible, plug one end of the hose with a metal plug so that it doesn’t leak, insert a solid ball into the hose, then connect the hose opening to the vacuum pump with a vacuum gauge, and drop the hose’s internal pressure to the specified test pressure within 60 seconds, and keep the pressure at least 10 minutes.
While maintaining the test pressure, check the outside of the hose for any sags or collapses, then tilt the test hose so that the full ruler ball passes through the entire hose and check if the hose has any obstacles due to internal deformation.
B method
One end of the hose is fitted with a sealing plug made of transparent material. One end of the hose is connected to a vacuum pump with a vacuum gauge. The internal pressure of the hose is lowered within 60 seconds to maintain the pressure within 10 minutes of the test for military assistance.
While maintaining the test pressure, use a light source with a certain brightness to check the overall situation in the hose through the transparent plate, and check whether the hose has a depression or collapse of the outer layer.



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