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Why do PVC lay flat hose with sunshine?

The use of pvc lay flat hose as the name suggests is used to carry the pvc lay flat hose transport, but after use, usually to its sunshine, the pvc lay flat hose stains removed in order to properly store, which is conducive to the storage of pvc lay flat hose, the following we look at Look at the benefits of sun exposure.
Under normal circumstances, the pvc lay flat hose storage storage before the need to be timely to allow it to accept the sun exposure and baptism. In contact with moisture, the amount of moisture added to the pvc lay flat hose inside will be retained by the hasty storage work. In the fermentation of bundles, not only easy to make pvc lay flat hose mold mildew pollution, but also make it exudes a stimulating odor.
Through the sun’s exposure can be the remaining pvc lay flat hose droplets evaporate clean, easy to use the long-term pvc lay flat hose, so the sun is an inevitable operation of the operation, but also to avoid pvc lay flat hose mold, so more attention.



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