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Why are some Anti-kink PVC garden hose at high prices and low prices?

1. Popular knowledge: why some Anti-kink PVC garden hoses are expensive, some are low, and where is the quality gap
The smell of the market smell is a kind of smell similar to gasoline kerosene, it is because of the addition of a cheap volatile plasticizer, the industry called “solvent oil” “No. 2 oil” for the Waste of waste plastic, containing a variety of heavy metals and harmful substances;
Long-term, low-level exposure can cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue, sensory disturbances, decreased immunity, and may be lethargy, memory loss or neurasthenia, depression; chronic poisoning on the Respiratory injury is also great; long-term exposure can lead to respiratory dysfunction and liver poisoning lesions; performance for liver cell damage, abnormal liver radiation capacity; long-term exposure to this harmful plant, there will be rot, Leaves, individual buds withered and so on;



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