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What are the classifications of pvc plastic hoses?

Pvc is a very common type of hose fittings used in life, and many of the fittings used are pvc. Pvc plastic hoses are mainly PVC pvc hose and pvc hose, and our company is about the classification of pvc hoses:
(1) pvc plastic reinforced hose, as the name suggests, this is a plastic hose entwined by a full plastic hose, the rigid pvc skeleton, the wall made of soft pvc production.
(2) PVC transparent steel wire hose, which is a kind of transparent hose with smooth inner and outer walls inside, with a strong cold resistance, transparent wall, can see the fluid in the hose, there is a hard steel wire, after the pressure is increased Can restore the original state. Temperature range: 0°C-65°C (up to 70°C in a short time)



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