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Storage of PVC hoses

1. Summary
Hose may be exposed to various environments when used, and physical properties may change. Therefore, the use may not be able to maintain the most appropriate use of the state. In the storage should pay attention to the following points, to prevent the nature of the hose in the storage environment changes. The same time as the above-
2. Storage life should be the original amount to shorten the storage time; can take “first in first out” cycle method. Such as the need to extend the storage time, such as a year before use should be a comprehensive inspection of the hose
Temperature and humidity
Storage temperatures should be maintained at 0 ° C / 32 ° F to 35 ° C / 95 ° F (optimum temperature 15 ° C / 59 ° F). Relative humidity should not exceed 65%
Hose should be stored in the dark, to avoid the sun and strong artificial light exposure. The windows of the storage site should be painted red, orange or white.
5. Ozone
Ozone can damage the rubber material, the storage environment can not exist any ozone-releasing substances, such as mercury lamp, mercury tube • high-voltage electrical equipment • motor and other possible sparks and static substances.
6. Storage environment
All fittings include hoses that are not exposed to or exposed to solvents, fuels, oils, fats and oils, volatiles, acid substances, disinfectants, and the like. In addition, copper, iron and manganese and other metal materials will also damage the rubber.
7. heat source
The storage location should be kept at a sufficient distance from the heat source (including the heating equipment) to meet the temperature specifications in clause 2.3. If you can not keep enough distance, place the insulation board.
8. Electric field and magnetic field storage site can not have electromagnetic field changes, electric field or magnetic field changes will make the hose metal coil coil current, resulting in hose temperature. Can produce such strong electric field and magnetic field such as: high voltage cable and high frequency generator.
9. Storage conditions
Hose storage should not be artificially compressed, elongated or excessive. Do not touch any sharp metal. Store in dry environment conditions, such as conditions permitting to be stored in separate areas. Hose corrugations should be stacked and should not be stacked. If you need to stack, stack height can not exceed the limit, should avoid the lower hose pressure to produce permanent variants. The heavier quality products should be placed below, the lighter can be placed on the top. The bending radius of the coiling can not exceed the minimum bending radius of the product standard. Do not hang the hoses on the hooks. Straight tube should be flat, not folded.
10. Rodents
Should protect the hose from rodents. Storage places should take protective measures to prevent rodent bites hoses.
11. out of the library
Should ensure that the hose out of the library in good condition, in line with the conditions of use. So different hoses should be marked accordingly. Special circumstances, such as hose storage time is longer, before the library should be carefully checked metal tube head.
12. to the library
Before the hose is attached, make sure that there is no residual transport material inside. Such as the transmission of substances for the chemical substances such as; explosives, flammable materials, corrosive items, should take a special inspection. At the end of the cleaning work, before the storage should check the hose is intact, to ensure the normal use in the future.
13. Cleaning
Use a brush, sponge, flannel soak soapy water or active detergent. Do not use metal brushes, abrasives or sharp appliances



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