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PVC plastic revolution history brief

A Brief History of Revolutionary History of PVC Plastics
PVC profiles, although some of the natural materials do not have the unique performance, but also have low strength, poor heat resistance and linear expansion coefficient and other defects, so in the production of doors and windows profile often need to be enhanced. The general method of reinforcement is in the profile of the cavity into the metal material, the second enhancement, the current market, the so-called “steel doors and windows” are almost all produced in this way.
However, this enhancement method can not fundamentally solve the problem, therefore, how to enhance the material and PVC for one-time composite extrusion processing has been the subject of research. Foreign technology in this area is more advanced, has already launched a steel-plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite, wood-plastic composite profiles. These composite profiles are mainly used for structural materials and load-resistant components in addition to doors and windows. There are manufacturers also introduced a composite steel doors and windows, can be described as worthy of the “steel” doors and windows.
The earliest and simplest example of a composite extrusion of PVC and metal is the well-known wire and cable. The past two years more popular such products to be aluminum-plastic composite pipe. Although the technical principle is the same, but the hard PVC profiles and steel or steel composite extrusion technology is much more difficult. The difficulty of the specific performance: composite extrusion die is more complex; co-extruded hard materials do not like copper wire can be wound; to composite materials and PVC bonding requires ore-treatment and so on.
The current extrusion materials for window profiles are steel, aluminum and wood. Steel composite extrusion before the degreasing rust must be the treatment process; wood to have a dry coating treatment process; aluminum alloy type is required special drawing process. One-time composite extrusion profile is undoubtedly superior to the current secondary reinforced profiles. Different composite extrusion profiles have different performance characteristics, but from the development of plastic doors and windows of the original intention to consider, steel-plastic composite extrusion profiles the most ideal. It will be the revolutionary development of plastic doors and windows.



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