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PVC Fuel Hose

PVC Fuel Hose

Product name: PVC Fuel Hose
Brand : GOLDSIONE-goldflex
Materials: PVC
Product origin : Shandong, China(Mainland)
Product Details

pvc high pressure pipe
Flexible PVC Reinforced Hose Tubing
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Shandong, China(Mainland)
Brand Name: Goldsione-goldflex
Material: PVC
Length: 50m, 100m
Color: different colors available
Package: Color card, transparent film, strengthened film, and so on
PVC Fuel Hose is mainly transport fuel.
Inner Layer: high quality PVC material 
Reinforcement: Polyester fiber, textile Yarn
Outer Layer: high quality PVC material, abrasive resistant
Anti-aging, abrasion, weather and ozone resistant. Pressure bearable, light in weight, anti-bending, less distortion, nice smooth surface, high purity, extremely flexible and low moisture permeability.
Temperature: -10°C to 65°C (14°F to 149°C)
Normal package can be chosen, e.g.: Film packing, and Carton packing are available to our customers.
Symbol lines:
Symbol lines can be chosen if needed
1, Two symbol lines: on the PVC agricultural spray hose body with Red and Blue symbol lines.
2, Three symbol lines: on the PVC agricultural spray hose body with Red White and Blue symbol lines.
Usually red and blue. If you ask other color, it is also available.
The outside color is light quality.
Goldsione supplies a range of hose connections. Goldsione carries different pvc agricultural spray hose couplings. Goldsione has an extensive line of industrial hose fittings. The hose couplings we provided as below:
Air fittings
Brass fittings
Plastic fittings
Pipe and Welding fittings
It is able to assemble the spray hose for any applications.

The Standard Sizes of PVC Fuel Hose
pvc hose


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