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Overview of crude oil spot market

Thursday in Qatar monthly condensate oil sales tender after the release of September condensate oil trading level higher.
Qatar Petrochemical released monthly tender, to provide deodorant condensate and low sulfur condensate oil cargo, closing date on July 18, the bid is valid until July 19.
Thursday Energy and Mineral Resources, a document shows that in June Mains Indonesia’s crude oil price of 44.71 US dollars / barrel, since November last year, the low.
Indonesian crude oil prices fell in June, the Malaysian crude oil prices also fell to several months low level.
September Brent / Dubai crude oil EFS spreads rose 4 cents to $ 0.79 / barrel.
Bangladesh plans to begin importing LNG next year, which could affect the demand for crude oil in its power plants, the government and industry sources said.
Market news, Total Thursday said the North Sea belongs to the Norwegian coastal areas of Martin Binge oil and gas field production time postponed to the first half of 2019, before the second half of this year is scheduled to begin.
Wednesday’s synthetic crude oil production in Canada resumed production costs in July and August as a result of the synthetic crude oil project in northern Alberta, where four sources familiar with the situation said the plant would continue for the fifth consecutive month To 100% operating rate to run.
August Nigerian crude oil to buy Hing is not high, due to increasing supply, oil trading sources said on Wednesday. This indicates that the expected recovery of the oil market in the second half of this year is expected to be revised backwards. Increased production of light crude oil in Nigeria and Libya increased production.



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