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Identification of PVC steel tube

In most cases, there is no detection tool and testing conditions? We can according to the visual, olfactory, tactile and other sensory rough identification of PVC steel tube quality.
1. observe the lumen is rules? Wall thickness is uniform. Good quality PVC steel tube cavity and the outer edge of the standard round? Ring wall distribution evenly. To diameter 89mm? Wall thickness of 7mm PVC steel tube as an example?
Poor quality of the thickest wall to reach 7.5mm? The thinnest at only 5.5mm? Working under a large pressure? Is easy to pipe wall uneven force caused PVC pipe burst or deformation? Impact of normal use.
2. Observe the presence or absence of bubbles or other visible material in the PVC pipe wall. Is it colorless and transparent? High-quality PVC steel pipe wall crystal clear? No impurities. And defective PVC steel tube color yellowing may be in the production process due to improper handling of decomposition, aging or long-term improper storage due.
3, high-quality PVC steel pipe in addition to a little plastic smell outside the absence of any other petrochemical products smell. And poor steel pipe has a bad smell of diesel smell, especially in the hot summer people can not close.
4, high-quality PVC pipe inside and outside the tube wall are smooth? Feel good and low quality tube is more rough.
5, measuring the wall thickness should be cut off the PVC pipe at both ends of the part? Select the middle tube as a sample test to prevent some illegal manufacturers in the tube at both ends of the article? The actual wall thickness at both ends of the tube.
6, in the PVC pipe at both ends of the cut a few centimeters of the wire? Repeated folding wire? Detection of steel wire strength and toughness. Poor quality of the wire folded one or two will be broken? And high-quality PVC steel pipe to be special tools to cut off the wire. The quality of the wire determines the quality of the entire pipe due to the quality of the steel wire caused by the PVC pipe is very easy to irreversible deformation



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